Halal Lifestyle

With the advent of mass-produced pharmaceuticals, the ever-crucial aspects of quality, safety and efficacy have never been so important. Thanks to good manufacturing practices (GMP) enforcement, we can take our daily doses of medicine or supplements with minimal to no worries. However, new concerns on the sources of raw materials and manufacturing processes have emerged among the Muslim communities. With an overwhelming total of 1.8 billion Muslims across the world, it is our task to at least fulfill some of the needs for halal pharmaceuticals. As of now, IKOP is growing as among the important players in halal pharmaceuticals in Malaysia, and we are eyeing our chance to step up by joining the ASEAN market.

Our halal practices do not stop there. The neglected aspect of ṭayyiban — which comes after the word ḥalāl in the Quran a few times — is also as important, especially in times of excessive consumerism. Surely when pharmaceuticals are mentioned, it should be automatically good as it is for our health. However, we can see for ourselves on how products are now being advertised recklessly so that people will buy more, while other aspects of health are directly threatened through over-consumption and detrimental lifestyle. In IKOP, holistic health and ethics are taken into account in everything we do. Over-claims and improper marketing are prohibited while product sales go together with relevant advice on living a healthy life.

To put it simply, we don’t stop at getting halal certification. We ascend further.