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Contract Manufacturing

We are capable of producing various dosage forms according to client’s request. Contract manufacturing service offered includes formulation, stability studies, pharmaceutical registration and halal certification. Besides pharmaceuticals, we also manufacture cosmeceutical products.

Available dosage forms

  • Solid (tablets, capsules, etc.)
  • Semi-solid (creams, ointments, etc.)
  • Liquid internal and external (solutions, suspension, etc.)
  • Pre-filled syringes (non-sterile)
  • Others

Contract Testing, Research & Development

Since IKOP Pharma is located within the Kuantan campus of International Islamic University Malaysia, we have the know-how in terms of research and development in aspects of drug development, provided by years of experience from academicians and researchers. Combined with the plant’s ability to manufacture and conduct required testings, we offer related services for entrepreneurs and corporations.

Available testings

  • Common laboratory analysis
  • Spectroscopies (FTIR & UV-Vis)
  • Liquid & gas chromatography
  • Microbial contamination tests
  • Physical testing set for tablets

Manufacturing & research

  • Formulation studies
  • Product development
  • Raw material testing
  • Finished product testing
  • Stability studies
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